How to Move an Item in an Array in JavaScript

JavaScript doesn’t have a built-in method for moving items in an array, but you can achieve this by using one of the following methods.

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In JavaScript, you can create an array by simply initializing it with an array literal, which is a set of values separated by commas enclosed in square brackets. For example:

var myArray = [‘item1’, ‘item2’, ‘item3’];

You can also create an empty array and add items to it later, like this:

var myArray = [];

javascript move item in array to front

Moving an Item in an Array

There are multiple ways to move items in an array. The most common way is by using the splice method. The splice method takes two parameters, the first being the index of where you want to start cutting elements out of the array, and the second being the number of elements you want to cut. So if we wanted to remove “b” from our example array and move it to the front, we would do the following:

array.splice(1, 1);


There are many ways to move an item in an array in JavaScript. The most common way is to use the splice() method, which is a method of the Array class. This method can be used to add or remove elements from an array. To move an item, you can use the splice() method to remove it from its current position and then use the splice() method again to insert it into its new position. You can also use the sort() method to move an item to a specific position in an array.

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