How To Create A Comment Box In Html And Javascript?

Similarly, How do you make a comment box in HTML?

Simply fill in the blanks or delete the properties that aren’t required. The form> Tag is a tag that is used to create a form. See the HTML form tag standards for a complete list of characteristics. The textarea> tag is used to create a textarea. This element specifies the form’s comment area.

Also, it is asked, Can you use HTML comments in JavaScript?

Yes, since we’re saving our code from a browser that doesn’t support JavaScript, it’s considered a great practice. A “//-->” marks the end of the remark. Because “//” in JavaScript denotes a comment, we use it to prevent a browser from misinterpreting the end of the HTML comment as a piece of JavaScript code.

Secondly, How do you create a comment section in Javascript?

Two forward slashes (//) begin single-line Javascript comments. Even if there are forward slashes in the commented text, every content following the two forward slashes until the end of a line becomes a comment.

Also, How do I add a comment box to my website?

Comment Box in HTML Log in to your Google account first. Then go to the HTML Comment Box to leave a comment. Click Log in in the blue box. You’ll be redirected to your Gmail account. Please enter your login credentials. You’ll be transported back to the HTML Comment box site after you’ve finished.

People also ask, How do you comment in HTML and CSS?

In CSS, here’s how to leave a comment. Simply add your normal text within /* */ marks to comment in CSS. This informs the browser that these are notes that should not be shown on the front end.

Related Questions and Answers

How do you make a comment box in HTML w3schools?

Tag for HTML comments Notice that the start tag has an exclamation mark (!) while the end tag does not. The browser does not show comments, but they may help you document your HTML source code.

How do you comment out HTML code?

Main Hints is an HTML comment tag. The HTML comment tag! — --> is used. Insert material between the! — and --> tags in HTML to comment out (browsers will not display these remarks). HTML commenting enables developers to write remarks on their code, its functionality, or to signal future improvements.

How do you put a comment in a script in HTML?

The first character of an HTML comment is! ––, and the last character is ––>. HTML comments are available to anybody viewing the page source code, but they are not displayed by a browser when the HTML content is produced.

How do you comment out a block of code in JavaScript?

Comments in JavaScript are used to add remarks to your code or to deactivate portions of code without removing them. In JavaScript, comments are produced by putting / before a single line or /* before and */ after several lines. A variety of computer languages provide the ability to comment on code as a standard feature.

How do you comment a function in JavaScript?

Comments may be single-line: beginning with / or multiline: /* */, as we learned in the chapter Code structure. We usually use them to explain how and why a program works.

Why JavaScript is enclosed in HTML comments?

When javascript was initially introduced, a method was required to conceal the code from earlier browsers so that it would not appear as text on the website. To disguise the code, the ‘trick’ was to utilize HTML comments inside the script block.

How do you comment multiple lines in HTML?

The special starting tag! — and ending tag --> put before the first line and end of the final line, respectively, may be used to remark several lines, as seen in the example below.

How do you comment on code?

From the / through the end of the line, everything is a comment. Use /* to start a comment and */ to finish a comment to designate a whole area as a comment. * This is a remark in the form of a block. This code has no effect.

Which symbol is used for comments in JavaScript?

How do you comment out multiple lines in JavaScript?

Comments on several lines A multiline comment in JavaScript serves the same function as a single-line remark. The /* sign is used to begin a JavaScript comment block. Use these symbols */ once more to finish the remark. In JavaScript, anything between these symbols is considered as a comment.

How do I comment in node JS?

In JavaScript, you insert two slashes “//” in front of the code or text you want the JavaScript interpreter to disregard to make a single line comment. All content to the right of these two slashes will be ignored until the following line is placed.

How do you write a comment for JavaScript and CSS?

Use the “/ text” and “/* text */” syntaxes. In CSS, comments are often used to describe the intent of the declarations of style rules. It will assist you and others in comprehending what you were attempting to accomplish with the style rules while updating style sheets. The browsers do not show the comments.

How can we write comments along with CSS code?

A CSS comment begins with /* and finishes with */:/* and is put within the style> element. */ p p color: red; p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p Put it to the Test » Try it Yourself »/* p color: red; /* Set text color to red */ This is a multi-line remark */ p p color: red; p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p Put it to the Test »

Which is the correct way to comment out something in HTML a using ## and B using and --> C using and D using and -!>?

Explanation: In HTML, we must insert the content between the! —and --> tags to comment things out. Comments are pieces of text or code that explain the code but are not visible to the user.

Which of the following is the correct HTML tag to comment in HTML?

Solution in detail. ! – and -> are the correct answers. In the source code, the comment tag is used to insert comments.

How do you reply to a box comment?

If you want to respond to an existing remark, just hover your mouse over it and a Reply text will display. When you click this, a message box will open. Type your answer in the area below the message box and then click the “Add Reply” button. Your answer will be shown immediately.

What is a comment made of?

A remark or observation that communicates a person’s opinion or critique is referred to as a comment. To make such a statement is to comment. A remark is also a user’s response to content that has been published on the internet. As a noun and a verb, comment may be used in a variety of ways.

How do I create a multiline text box in HTML?

Use the HTML textarea> element to create a multi-line text input. The cols and rows characteristics may be used to control the size of a text area. It’s used in a form to let users to enter content over numerous rows. This property specifies that the text area should be automatically focused when the page loads.

Should you comment HTML code?

Everything should be avoided as much as possible. Your code may already be understandable if you considered semantics when naming your classes. It’s also possible that this is where the idea of “excellent code doesn’t require comments” originated from. Comments should not be avoided entirely, but should only be used when absolutely essential.

How can you add a comment in a JavaScript Mcq?

7. In a JavaScript remark, which of the following statements is correct? / In JavaScript, this is a comment is the right statement for comment.

How do I comment inside a div tag?

The HTML comment is the! – –> thing. It’s a technique to include remarks in the code that won’t show up when the browser renders the HTML. To indicate which beginning div tag the closing tag was really closing in the example above.

How do you comment a single line in CSS?

CSS follows the same “block commentsyntax as C-like languages, with a comment beginning with /* and ending with */.

What is the method using comment line in HTML code?

The way of utilizing the comment line in HTML code is — Any text —>.


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