How To Comment Javascript?

Two forward slashes (//) begin single-line Javascript comments. Even if there are forward slashes in the commented text, every content following the two forward slashes until the end of a line becomes a comment.

Similarly, How do you comment out a section in JavaScript?

In JavaScript, you insert two slashes “//” in front of the code or text you want the JavaScript interpreter to disregard to make a single line comment. All content to the right of these two slashes will be ignored until the following line is placed.

Also, it is asked, How do you comment out code?

When commenting one or more lines of code, the leading letters / are appended to the beginning of each line. You may also use the letters /* */ to block comment several lines of code.

Secondly, How do you comment multiple lines in JavaScript?

Comments that span several lines begin with /* and conclude with */. JavaScript will disregard any text between /* and */.

Also, How do you comment a script tag?

Because “//” in JavaScript denotes a comment, we use it to prevent a browser from misinterpreting the end of the HTML comment as a piece of JavaScript code.

People also ask, How do you comment multiple lines of code?

Unlike other programming languages that employ /*. */ for multi-line comments, such as JavaScript, Java, and C++, Python does not have a built-in method for multi-line comments. In Python, you may prepend each line with a hash (#) to comment out several lines.

Related Questions and Answers

How can we comment in HTML?

A comment is text placed inside the!!> tags in HTML. This syntax informs the browser that these are comments that should not be shown on the front end. You may make notes in the comments tag to remember yourself where you left off in the construction process.

How do I comment in HTML with keyboard?

You may comment out a part of code by selecting it and using the Ctrl+K+C key combination. The code may be uncommented by using Ctrl+K+U.

How do you comment multiple lines in HTML?

The special starting tag! — and ending tag --> put before the first line and end of the final line, respectively, may be used to remark several lines, as seen in the example below.

How are comments written in Java?

Two forward slashes (//) begin single-line comments. Java ignores any text between / and the end of the line (will not be executed).

How do you comment inside a JavaScript file in HTML?

In JavaScript, encapsulate the comment content between /* */ tags to make a multiline or block comment. (The approach is the same as in CSS.)

How do I leave a comment in HTML?

! —- and —> are used at the beginning and end of HTML comments, respectively. HTML comments are remarks that help structure HTML code and are ignored by browsers.

How do you add a comment box in HTML?

Simply fill in the blanks or delete the properties that aren’t required. The form> Tag is a tag that is used to create a form. See the HTML form tag standards for a complete list of characteristics. The textarea> tag is used to create a textarea. This element specifies the form’s comment area.

Which is the correct way to comment out something in HTML a using ## and B using and --> C using and D using and -!>?

Explanation: In HTML, we must insert the content between the! —and --> tags to comment things out. Comments are pieces of text or code that explain the code but are not visible to the user.

How do you highlight and comment in JavaScript?

I was able to mark lines of code in VS studio and use ctrl + /’ to toggle the lines of code to be commented out or back in. I hope this information is useful. This post should be active.

Why JavaScript is enclosed in HTML comments?

When javascript was initially introduced, a method was required to conceal the code from earlier browsers so that it would not appear as text on the website. To disguise the code, the ‘trick’ was to utilize HTML comments inside the script block.

How comment multiple lines in react JS?

Comment with Multiple Lines In JSX, you must use JavaScript comments within Curly braces, such as /*comment here*/, to remark anything. It’s a typical /* Block Comments */, except it requires curly braces to be wrapped around it.

How do you comment on one line?

The initial end-of-line after the / comment marker is where single-line comments finish. You may put it at the beginning of the code statement or at the end. If it comes after a code statement, the text after it is considered the comment.

WHAT ARE comment codes?

The technique of scattering small, usually single-line annotations across your code is known as code commenting. These remarks are referred to as “comments.” They describe how your program operates and what your goals are. Take note of how the first line’s comment defines the code below it.

Can and <%- comment -%> be used alternatively in JSP?

Can –comment– and % –comment– percent > be used interchangeably in JSP? The HTML comment! –comment–> is explained here. The JSP comment is % –comment– percent >.

How do you write comments in HTML and CSS?

In CSS, here’s how to leave a comment. Simply add your normal text within /* */ marks to comment in CSS. This informs the browser that these are notes that should not be shown on the front end. There are two methods to add comments to your CSS.

How do you write comments in CSS?

Both single and multiline comments employ the /* */ comment syntax. In external style sheets, there is no alternative option to express comments. When utilizing the style> element, however, you may utilize!.

How do I comment a response code in Visual Studio?

JSXCtrl + / (the slash key) to remark and uncomment lines of code on Windows and VS Code: Making Comments in React On a Mac, use Command + / to comment and uncomment lines of code.

Which symbol is used for commenting out a single line?

Answer: The # sign may be used to make a single-line remark.

How do you enter a comment in a program?

A comment is a line of code that begins with a slash asterisk /* and ends with an asterisk slash */. It may appear anywhere in your program. Within your C program, comments may span many lines. Comments are usually placed immediately above the C source code that they pertain to.

What is a comment example?

A comment is defined as a statement or remark. A remark published in the newspaper regarding a current scandal is an example of a comment. 8. noun

What is a comment statement?

A comment statement is a location in the source code where the programmer may make a remark. The compiler ignores the text of the remark.

Can be used alternatively in JSP * True False?

The correct answer is A., which is an HTML comment. The JSP comment is % –comment– percent >.


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