How To Comment In Javascript?

Two forward slashes (//) begin single-line Javascript comments. Even if there are forward slashes in the commented text, every content following the two forward slashes until the end of a line becomes a comment.

Similarly, How do you write comments in JavaScript?

In JavaScript, you insert two slashes “//” in front of the code or text you want the JavaScript interpreter to disregard to make a single line comment. All content to the right of these two slashes will be ignored until the following line is placed.

Also, it is asked, How do you comment multiple lines in JavaScript?

Comments in JavaScript are used to add notes to your code or to deactivate portions of code without removing them. In JavaScript, comments are produced by putting / before a single line or /* before and */ after several lines.

Secondly, How do you comment in Java?

Two forward slashes (//) begin single-line comments. Java ignores any text between / and the end of the line (will not be executed).

Also, How do you comment out a line in Java?

Ctrl + / / / / / / / / / Select all of the lines you want to be commented on. Ctrl + / / / / / / / / / Each line will have two slashes “//” appended to the beginning, indicating that it is a comment.

People also ask, How do you comment out code?

Select numerous lines of code to comment out in the C/C++ editor. Right-click and choose Source > Add Block Comment to comment out numerous code lines. (CTRL+SHIFT+/) (CTRL+SHIFT+/) (CTRL+SHIFT Right-click and choose Source > Remove Block Comment to uncomment numerous code lines.

Related Questions and Answers

How do you comment multiple lines on a keyboard?

Ctrl + K will be pressed. Ctrl + C is a shortcut for copying and pasting.

Which symbol is used for comments in JavaScript *?

Comments are used to prevent statements from being executed. While the compiler runs the code, comments are ignored. In JavaScript, there are two types of symbols that are used to represent comments: Single line comment is known as a double slash. Multi-line comment is a slash with an asterisk.

What are the two ways to write comments in a Java program?

There are two types of comments in Java programs: implementation comments and documentation comments.

Which is not correct way of commenting in Java?

A typical comment (like in C and C++): any content from the ASCII characters /* to the ASCII characters */ is disregarded. An end-of-line comment (as in C++) ignores any content from the ASCII letters / to the end of the line.

How do you add comments to code?

Comments on the Code: 5 Best Practices Use tags or annotations in your code. Many computer languages include code commenting standards. Keep comments on the code in the editor. Make a list of why you’re doing something. Other papers or remarks should not be referred to. While developing code, leave comments.

How do you make comments in HTML code?

The first character of an HTML comment is! ––, and the last character is ––>. HTML comments are available to anybody viewing the page source code, but they are not displayed by a browser when the HTML content is produced.

How can I add comments to my website?

Comment Box in HTML Log in to your Google account first. Then go to the HTML Comment Box to leave a comment. Click Log in in the blue box. You’ll be redirected to your Gmail account. Please enter your login credentials. You’ll be transported back to the HTML Comment box site after you’ve finished.

Where do you put comments in HTML?

Insert information between the! — and --> tags in HTML to comment out (browsers will not display these remarks). HTML commenting enables programmers to make comments on their code, its functionality, or to signal future improvements.

How do you comment multiple lines in HTML?

Comments in many lines The special starting tag! — and ending tag --> put before the first line and end of the final line, respectively, may be used to remark several lines, as seen in the example below.

How do you comment a shortcut in HTML?

“how to comment in html shortcut” just a single line of code! It won’t work until you put the finishing arrows in. I believe that everything is a remark! It’s worth noting that you may remark on numerous lines. Use a! at the beginning of the start arrow; this may not make sense since the remainder of the.html file uses tags with! at the end. —>

How do you comment multiple lines in source insight?

The Comment Multi Line style is used to show multi-line comments. These include any comments in C/C++ and Java that use the /* and */ delimiters. The Comment Line style is used to show single-line comments. These include comments in C/C++ and Java that utilize the / delimiters.

What is JavaScript comment?

JavaScript comments may be used to explain and improve the readability of JavaScript code. When testing alternative code, JavaScript comments may also be used to inhibit execution.

What is variable typing in JavaScript?

JavaScript, like PHP, is a very weakly typed language; a variable’s type is determined only when a value is assigned, and it may change as the variable is used in various contexts. In most cases, you don’t need to bother about the type; JavaScript will figure out what you want and execute it.

What is a multi line comment?

Multiline comments are used to comment out parts of code when debugging programs or for extensive text explanations of code. The compiler disregards comments.

How do you write a method level comment in Java?

When appropriate, ” @param ” and ” @return ” tags are used in most Javadoc comments for methods to specify the method’s arguments and return value. The parameter’s name should come before the ” @param ” tag, which should be followed by a description of the parameter.

How are line comments and block comments used?

The first is known as a single line remark, because it only pertains to a single line in the “source code,” as the name implies (the program). The second kind of remark is known as a Block comment, and it generally relates to a paragraph of text. A block comment has a start and an end sign, and the computer ignores anything in between.

Why do we comment in Java?

In Java, comments are statements that the compiler and interpreter do not execute. It may be used to provide details or explanations about a variable, method, class, or any other statement. It may also be used to temporarily obscure computer code.

How do you comment a whole class in Java?

You have two choices for commenting a piece of code or an entire procedure. You may either line comment (//) or block comment (/* */) all of the chosen lines. To comment several lines, select them all and hit Ctrl + /, which will add / to the beginning of each line.

What does /* mean in Java?

comments on the documentation

What are the three types of comments in Java?

There are three sorts of comments in Java: Comments on a single line. Comments that span many lines. Comments about the documentation.

How do you write an if statement?

The if keyword is used to create an if statement, which is then followed by a condition in parentheses and the code to be executed in between curly brackets. In a nutshell, it may be expressed as if.

How does if-else if work?

If a particular condition is true, the if/else statement runs a block of code. Another piece of code may be performed if the condition is false. The if/else statement is part of JavaScript’s “Conditional” Statements, which are used to conduct various actions depending on certain situations.

What is else if statement in Java?

Otherwise if statements in Java are similar to other if conditions; they’re used in programs when an if statement has multiple outcomes. if(test expression) /execute your code else if(test expression n) /execute your code else if(test expression n) /execute your code else if(test expression n) /execute your code else if(test expression n) /execute your code else if(test expression n) /execute your code else if(test expression n) /execute your code else if(test expression n) /

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How are comments inserted in HTML code explain with example?

Type the content between the! – and —> tags to make it a comment; the browser will disregard it and it will be invisible to the user.


Javascript is a programming language that allows developers to write programs. It is a very powerful language, but it can be difficult to learn. This article will teach you how to comment multiple lines in javascript.

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To insert a comment that has more than one line, use the semicolon key. The semicolon is placed before the first line of your comment, and the period key is used after it. For example: “This is a long comment.”; Reference: how to insert a comment that has more than one line?.

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